Don't Shoot The Messenger


Ever wish you could tell someone a secret without any of the blame? Us too.

Don't Shoot The Messenger is the first anonymous email service of its kind. Not only do we conduct the service of sending your messages anonymously, we also host the best – the funniest, most scandalous, most ridiculous messages we think you'll love.

The idea for Don't Shoot The Messenger came while we were watching a reality television show where two girls were trying to warn their friend about her boyfriend's no good ways; all the two wanted to do was inform their close friend that she was being cheated on. Instead of confronting her directly, they decided to write her an anonymous hand-written letter. Well, it didn't take long for the friend to figure that one out. What they needed was Don't Shoot The Messenger! After watching this scene, we thought to ourselves, "there needs to be an easy, fun way to anonymously transfer information, ideas & thoughts..." And thus, Don't Shoot The Messenger was born.

So many times in our lives we've wanted to tell people things without fear: "I wish I could tell Suzie I like her," "I can't believe they hired an ex-convict, someone should tell them!" "OMG, Johnny hooked up with Steve's sister"... the possibilities are endless. Next time you have something you want to share anonymously, send your message with us. But just remember, Don't Shoot The Messenger!

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